Residential Sprinklers

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Residential Sprinklers

We Design, Install and Maintain Fire Sprinklers to BS9251:2014 in the following types of properties: Houses, Flats, High rise tower blocks, Care homes, HMO’s and student accommodations.

When designing or installing a fire sprinkler system, we listen to your requirements and guide you through every step of the way. We understand the difficulties you face and therefore minimise the cost without compromising on safety by using innovative solutions.

For a free quotation contact us with as much information as you can. You will need to supply us with some drawings, any correspondence with building control or a fire strategy if available.

Once we have received your drawings we will be able to provide a quotation based on the following typical water supplies:


Direct from the water main, this is the most cost effective solution and would typically need to be a 50mm MDPE unmetered supply to provide the required flow/pressure.

Dedicated Pump
and Tank

A storage tank and booster pump to meet the requirements of the system. Tank sizes can vary depending on the system category and type of sprinkler heads used.

Shared Booster
Cold Water Supply

It is possible to share the domestic cold water supply which can be a very cost effective solution on larger projects. Please note the pump and tank would need to be sized adequately.


To begin the design process; consideration and consultation with the AHJ will need to have taken place.


Once a design has been agreed upon, we can then supply sprinkler heads, pipework and sprinkler control sets.


Once sprinkler positions have been approved by the client, we can begin the installation of the sprinkler system.


Fire sprinkler systems need to be serviced annually to ensure that they continue to operate correctly in line with BS9251:2014.

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