Residential Sprinkler Supply

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Sprinkler Heads

Depending on application, category of system and the area of protection required, Aquatech use a range of sprinkler heads to meet the necessary requirements.
It is important to our customers that the sprinklers are aesthetically pleasing and therefore we use concealed sprinkler heads where possible. A concealed sprinkler (as shown) sits within a ceiling void (150mm) and is fitted with a white cover plate that sits flush with the ceiling.

pipework Initial installation and overall lifecycle value makes blazemaster fire sprinkler system the superior choice to both metals and other non0metal systems.


Residential sprinklers systems are typically installed using Blazemaster CPVC Pipework: Blazemaster chlorinated polyvinylchloride (CPVC) is a specially engineered thermoplastic that has been relied on for decades to save lives and property by quickly suppressing and extinguishing fires. With successful installations in commercial and residential buildings around the world, building owners and contractors continue to request BlazeMaster fire protection system because they are:
  • Easy to install quickly, quietly and securely
  • Less costly to install than other piping systems
  • Versatile, requiring less space for installation
  • Flame resistant maintaining critical performance when exposed to intense heat
  • Lightweight and durable which reduces installer fatigue and accidents
  • Inherently resistant to pitting and corrosion, lowering maintenance and replacement costs. Approved for use by all major listing s and approval organizations including Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. and NSF international and the LPCB.


Control Sets

Sprinkler control sets consist of a lockable isolation valve, flow switch, pressure gauge and drain point.
  • Lockable Isolation valve: Isolation of the sprinkler system for maintenance or by the fire bridge once the sprinklers have activated.
  • Flow switch: to be interfaced with the main fire alarm of smoke detector by others.
  • Pressure gauge: to check the system pressure.
  • Drain point: This is used to drain down the system for maintenance and also used to test the system to ensure it meets its design flow/pressure which has been calculated using hydraulic calculation software.


To begin the design process; consideration and consultation with the AHJ will need to have taken place.


Once a design has been agreed upon, we can then supply sprinkler heads, pipework and sprinkler control sets.


Once sprinkler positions have been approved by the client, we can begin the installation of the sprinkler system.


Fire sprinkler systems need to be serviced annually to ensure that they continue to operate correctly in line with BS9251:2014.

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